Beyond Dark Clouds

Beyond Dark Clouds is about male and female Vietnam veterans, their spouses and children from Australia, America and New Zealand. Stories have been expertly constructed from hundreds of hours of interviews over several decades. The author, himself a Vietnam veteran, has brilliantly brought together the stories to give a comprehensive, balanced and candid insight into two generations of families before during and after the Vietnam War.

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 George Baker (Bob)
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Collectively the stories provide valuable historical and educational material that will have profound significance for present and future generations. Readers are given a sense of the human resilience of individuals who describe in depth their  range of feelings and behaviours surrounding events experienced during their life journeys. The legacy of the aftermath of trauma is intimately revealed. Highlighted are attitudes, values and beliefs that underpinned the era.

It is  truly fascinating paging through each story and discovering how photographs supplied from personal family albums is expertly woven into the text providing incredible perspective into the holistic humanistic persona of each  person. Beyond Dark Clouds the sequel to the highly acclaimed book Vietnam: The War Within, by Dr Glen D Edwards gives a deep appreciation of the progression of psychological and visual physical developmental stages from  childhood to adulthood spanning sixty years.